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Useful Links




Parenting Guides


Australian Innocence Network


Working with parents, Raising


Origins Australia (Forced Adoption Support Network)




Ending Adoption myths- internet radio programme, chat room and advocacy


Voices of Children Alliance, Dufferin VOCA


CANGRANDS welcomes all grandparents and Kinship families who are raising grandchildren or extended family members.


Origins Canada




Save the Children


International trackers re-uniting families




The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)


International Criminal Court (ICC)


European Commission, The Rights of the Child.


European Court of Human Rights


Nordic Countries


For the protection of Human Rights in Nordic Countries




False Allegations Support


Grandparents Apart, Self Help Group Scotland


Birthlink Services for people separated by adoption in Scotland




The Victoria Climbie Foundation


UK Innocence Network


Centre for Citizen Participation


Assisting victims of false allegations


Public Family Law Reform Coordinating Campaign


Parents, Professionals and Politicians Protecting Children with Illness and/or Disabilities


Doctors for Justice


Action on Rights for Children


Shaping Our Lives National User Network


AIRE Centre- Advice on Rights in Europe


Association for Improvement in the Maternity Services


False Allegations Support Organisation


Families Anti-Social Services Inquiry Team


Support for those falsely accused of sexual abuse


A peak body of organisations supporting the falsely accused.


The 5 Percenters. Support for those who have been wrongly accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome


People Against False Allegations of Abuse/ Support Organisation for Falsely Accused People (PAFAA/ SOFAP). Support for falsely accused, especially professionals and workers.


Re-uniting families


Family Rights Group


Miscarriages of Justice


Miscarriages of Justice Contacts


Justice for Women


Merseyside Against Injustice


Whistleblowing in the Social Services


Fighting forced adoptions- Ian josephs.


Mums fighting for the return of their children- Chat room.


Social Care Institute for Excellence


Families for Justice- Chat room.


Falsely accused Carers and Teachers


British False Memory Society


Tymes Trust, Children with ME and their Families.


BIBIC - British Institute for Brain Injured children


National Autistic Society




The Solutions Institute


Adoption: Mothers in Exile.


National Campaign for Child Protection Reform          


Lifting the veil: A series of critical papers and reports on Child Protection.


Fighting Child Protective Services False Accusations


General Information for the defense of cps accusations


Family Rights Association


Education and US Innocence Projects contacts list.


Films on Child Protection


Falsely accused of child abuse


Origins USA. Supporting family members separated by adoption


Defending false SBS accusations


Children Against Court Appointed Child Abuse


Mothers against false accusations of child abuse in the medical context. [This website is no longer active but it does contain some useful information.]


Truth Brigade Radio,5561.0.html




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